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Yeah, if I can't wash it just never mind; I don't care how pretty it is... ;)


So... is it a bad thing if your quilt makes crackly sounds?

*does load of laundry*


I am the proud owner of 8 quilts. The 250$ Down comforter has been in the kinen closet for years...


sorry...."kinen" might make others think I'm kinky...I meant "linen."
I do not regret the error.


now wait a minute, i wholeheartedly disagree. Frank and i are quite lusty. the way we get around getting fluids on the dry clean comforter is, first of all, i kick it way down and tell him to stay away from it because it's dry-clean-only, and second, we never make the bed. you know, so we can just jump right in.

Beth Donovan

Just thinking about you, hoping you will someday return to your fans!


just missing you and wanted to say hi.


Also missing you


don't ya just hate to sleep on a wet spot?


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