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I did check on you. Every day. And I'm glad you're back. Don't be too hard on yourself with the big guy. Most of us guys know it comes with the territory cause we do it too. Welcome back. Keep up the walking. That physical exercise is a big part of the cure.


Hey, I'm glad you're feeling better, and, I'm glad you're back.


I am sorry about your sister. I am also on Paxil 37 and a half mg, it helps, but watchout, some days are just real tough. Take care and peace to you, Cat


Glad to see you back, BeeBee! And let me tell you this, my friend... Ditch the shame from something you couldn't control. It'll eat you up for... nothing!
Give yourself a break; you're only human. [Or is there something we don't know? ;>]

I hurt my back somehow on Christmas Eve and finally the pain and lack of movement started to depress me... I would have killed for an anti-depressant, instead I started drinking every night. Nope, THAT'S not on my site, is it?? LOL!

Stuff happens, and we deal the best way we can.

Huge Hugs to you and Big Guy. Hope to see you later this year when I'm back in town! :)


I had only read you for a short time when you stopped writing. I was hoping you'd be back soon, but thought you'd be back when you were ready. You have nothing to be ashamed of; Paxil is helping you now and one day, you won't need it. Until then, exercise, take care of yourself, and more importantly, forgive yourself. If you're anything like me, that will be the hardest part.


Welcome back miss bee! How we love to beat ourselves up. My therapist...yep, I said therapist...told me that I can never get back on my feet if I keep kicking myself down. You are a wonderful, funny, productive woman and loving wife. It's time to stop dwelling on mistakes that happen when we are not truly ourselves and begin appreciating what is truly important about who we are. I thank God every day for giving Dr.s the ever evolving knowlege about our brains, that they can discover a remedy for depression (which is becoming known as a potentially terminal illness with the suicides it's responsible for) and put it in a pill. My family practitioner once told me that the nation should put prozac in the water because it doesn't do anything to people who dont need it but can save a life for those who do. You're a light and strength to those you love and that will never change, even after a serious bout with depression. Keep your chin up....if we didn't go through a rough patch or two, we'd never fully appreciate the good times. oxox


First, I'm *giddy* with delight that you posted again. You're a hard woman to live without.

Second, EVERYONE medicates. Smokes, booze, chocolate... whatever it takes to ease the pain. Just so happens your medicine has a fancy name & comes in a pill. I'm just happy you found something that works.

And bless your Big Guy for being there for you. Love is the best drug of all.


Ditto, ditto, ditto. I agree with everyone here. I am sorry you've had an awful year and I'm glad you are doing better. Welcome back, BeeBee. You have been missed but never forgotten.


From a woman who has been there and back many times, let me assure you, there is no shame in taking medication to make yourself better. I know I went through it many times.
All I have to do is think of my "Mother." That woman should have been on medication when I was a baby, but she was too ashamed, still is and tried to shame me for getting the help I needed.
If she had swallowed her shame and gotten help, I might not have been so fucked up. And that's the truth!
Hang in there BeeBee, you are doing great despite it all!


Oh, BeeBee, I'm so glad to see you are back. Don't feel bad about being on Paxil - I'm on Zoloft and it saved my life and my marriage!

I have missed you sooooo much!


So glad you are back! I checked in every day and said many prayers for you...I figured you were having a difficult time and needed the prayers to help you through all this.


Hey, I'm new..found you through Livey's place and I have to say something. If you had heart disease or any other kind of disease would you feel bad about taking a med to make you feel better? I didn't think so. The brain is an organ like the rest and sometimes it gets sick too and needs some medicine to help it fire right. Don't sweat that stuff...it means that you are STRONG..strong enough to seek help...not weak. It takes courage to seek out change...it really does. The most weak of us are the ones that would rather stay miserable than do what's needed to feel better. Good luck to you and I hope you find some peace in your life!


oh BeeBee, i missed you so much! you popped into my head just now so i figured i'd stop by and leave another comment. and yay you're here!

woman, i'm so sorry for what you're going through. whatever helps get you through it is great.

give Big Guy a big hug from me.


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