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hey BeeBee! long time no comment! i've been a bad blog reader for a while. i love what you've done with the place, it's fabulous!

i know what you mean about exercising - i never feel satisfied... on the other hand, i've been putting together a cabinet for the kitchen, and when i finish with that, it'll be very gratifying...

if only all exercise was useful!


I think the hardest part of aging that I have had to accept is that I can no longer do the labor that I used to do. It aggravates me that I have to pay someone to do something that I could have done better only five years ago but now don't have the breath or energy to do it. And this from someone who always considered work a four letter word.


You're not alone. I truly long for physical labor -- I'm a white collar worker now. But if I were to give up my white collar job, I'd have to give up my currently lifestyle, and I just don't want to do that.

Instead I have to do other things on non-work time to supplant my desire for physical work.


BeeBee - Have to agree - nothing beats the satisfaction of hard work finished.

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