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I am sorry you have to endure the scenery.


Is he planting Cucumbers? :)


He *wishes* he could ;-)


agh! i can't wait for more SpeedoMan stories!


Speedoman lives! He should have his own 24/7 webcam; I just don't know where he'd put it. ;)


I read all of the Speedoman posts and was rolling. It made me less disgusted when I see my neighbor "Sasquatch", who toils constantly in his yard with no shirt on so everyone can see the furry mass of black curly hair that covers his back. He and Speedo may be related, but 'Squatch ain't got nothing on Speedo.


Haunted by your silence, BeeBee. Are you ok?

Beth Donovan

BeeBee, hope you are doing well. At this point, I would love a Speedoman who offers to do my gardens. All my travel = yuchy house and yard.

I will be in Houston in late July, by the way - I'll take you out to dinner!


Still haunted...


She's ignoring us, Harv. ;,(

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