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Um...did you shoot him in his 'biscuit butt'?

Beth Donovan

I have to hear this story!


must. write. the story.


Let me get this straight. Your brother, Biscuit Butt...and you, BeeBee...you did WHAT? You shot him? As a child? And he's now a lawyer with an ass complex?

Girl. I was going to start wimpering and whining for you to write the damn post and tell us all about it, but I think I'm going to pitch a fit until you make it into a screenplay. Must. Have. More!


Ok, I mean, I know I'm slow and perhaps I need more coffee but you SHOT your brother? This I gotta hear. :)

detox 7

this last month we’ve gotten along better than we have since we were kids.

All because I’ve been so bitter and angry. Only one other person I’ve ever known to of maintained that level of nasty is my brother, Biscuit-Butt.

That’s my nickname fo

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