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Light & Dark

And getting the rest of us all wound up about it and then not telling is fair how?



Yowza! I never know what to do in those situations. Gossip eats a hole in your pocket, like too much money.

I have an idea! Tell some totally disinterested third party, who lives far, far away from the subject of your gossip, doesn't know 'em, and who could really care less. It'll make YOU feel better, AND save the good guys!

Would that work? Or am I just flappin' my gums, here? ;)


Queenie's right, as usual! You DO have my email address, right? ;)


The construct that men do not enjoy gossip is highly overrated. We enjoy the salacious just as much as the females.


Damn it, BeeBee! If you know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried, just spit it out! :-)

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