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Now, if it were MY boobie twitching, would you have the same reaction? :-)


oh BeeBee! stop! stop! and why no spew alert at the top of this post?? i almost disrupted the entire workplace, BeeBee! i'm just glad i wasn't drinking anything.

you should have twitched back at him!! :D


Harvey, I am not sure what happened in my front yard even, I sure don't know what I would do if you had speedo's on, came running over, twitching your boobie, then showing me how good you can twitch both of them.

Well, wait a minute, let me think, I've seen your picture, it wasn't bad, not bad at all, so yeah, I guess my reaction would be differant. ;D


Sarah, I twitched as fast as I could back in the house. I can't believe this, I just can't believe it at all.

I have got a good pervert radar, with SpeedoMan it doesn't go beep, beep, beep. But isn't this weird? Could I be wrong? Is the man a pervert and I don't know it?

I think he's just on a differant track than most of us.


i think SpeedoMan is just weird, and he thinks you're his best friend. that, or he's smokin' some serious crack. see if you can trade some of what's in yer liquor cabinet for whatever he's smokin'. :D


Sarah, your no help girl, but I'm still laughing.


Oh BeeBee, I am so glad I found your site. I feel like you are an old friend. I love to read all you write and OMG do you crack me up. I try to add humor in my posts, but it seems to come from you with ease. Thank you, thank you for your writing, I love every letter of it!


I agree. I think SpeedoMan is just in a different place than most of us....thankfully. But, I do love to read your stories about him. Whatta hoot!


Hi Heather, Glad you can join us, come right in, grab yourself a soda, get a chair and join right in with the rest of us. :)


Hi Pammy, Your right SpeedoMan is in a differant place than most of you, he lives across the street from me.

Oh how I wish all of you lived across the street from me instead of him.

vw bug

Hello! LOL! Boudica from Boudica's Voice sent me over to read about Speed-O-Man. I needed a good laugh and like Heather, I really appreciate your ability to write this up with so much humor! OK I can breath again. :-)


Hi vw bug, Glad to hear you enjoyed reading about SpeedoMan.

Tell you the truth, I'm about ready to thump him along side the head.


I'm glad it was just his left boob twitching! After reading your post on your like of big noses, I would have had to quit reading this post if you had started saying it was that. }:


Oh Deliverance, If it had been anything but his boob twitching I would of quit writing about him!

Ewww! Just the thought! Ewww!


I had to share Speedo Man with my hubby this morning. He was roaring and had to share with his cubicle mate. They had too much fun!
We went to the beach a few years ago and there was this hairy thing on the beach wearing a speedo! It was the hairiest man I have ever seen! It was gross! The hair was several inches thick-eeewwwwww! We couldn't have seen any twitching going on with all that hair. Probably a good thing. He was also very overweight or at least it looked like it with all that hair.

Have fun!


Hi Shelly, I'm glad I gave your husband a laugh.

I believe it's only when you've had a truly repulsive speedo sighting can anyone understand the horror I go through when this guy is out in his yard or worse, when he comes over to talk to me.

Flaming Cheeto

I was hoping for a Speedo-Man entry. I am so happy to have finally seen one! If his twitching boobie doesn't cheer you up, I don't know what will. LOL


extremely delightful :-)


Hi Flaming Cheeto, I don't know if his twitching boobie cheered me up or not, but I do know I have been having flashbacks the rest of the day and then again this morning. Ewww.


Hi Joolez, Aw, thanks.


Oh, BeeBee! I don't know how you do it, but your writing goes straight to the bone. You can make sadness skewer the heart in two lines, and humor that makes me fall off my chair, engulfed in waves of tearful laughter... Bless you, I think you're such a gift to us all.

Hugs to Adored One! :)


Pam, that is one of the nicest complements I've ever gotten. Thank you!


I read about speedoman, and I am laughing so hard I am crying.

What a whack. LOL!


Boudicca, it's a whack alright.


Tell him you aren't impressed because you've seen "The Graduate" and remember the stripper with the counter-rotating pastie tassles.

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