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I think he's trying to suck up to the Big Orange football vote in Tennessee. That's about the only chance he has in the Volunteer State.


I suppose I'll never find out why that man turned orange.


He was outside playing touch football for an hour.

Or so goes the official story.

Naturally I believe him. You should see the color *I* turn after an hour in the sun.

No, wait... that would be RED.

Nevermind :-)


he's trying to get the citrus growers' vote.


It's called pumpkin jaundice.


He probably ate a pound of carrots! That´s what people did in some South American countries 20 years+ ago. They also believed it would make them brighter :)


Hi Mel, I just wish we could find out. I want to make sure I never use the product. Ever, Ever, Ever.

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