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What a classic moment in life. If you have not washed the shirt yet, this deserves a picture!


That's hilarious! Perhaps you could start a line of turd jewelry. And not market it at Walmart.


I'm lucky. If my horse-dog crapped on my shirt, I wouldn't be able to pick it up, much less put it on :-)


Stu, It might of been a classic life moment, but that turd stayed in the Walmart parking lot.

Jo, Thank you for stopping by. I think that is a line of jewelry that can be made with out my help.

Harvey, How big is your horse-dog? That sounds kind of dirty doesn't it?




Key, Thanks for stopping by, glad I made you laugh.


BeeBee, I cannot quit laughing. I keep coming back and rereading this and find myself weeping with laughter. I am so sorry to laugh about it, but it is probably one of the funniest things I have heard in a long daggumm time. I can't wait to tell friends about this. I'm getting major mileage out of it...I'm serious. This is just something that would happen to me.

Beth Donovan

BeeBee -
You have to blog forever. I love you!
I'm giggling and giggling and giggling.
There but for the grace of God ...


Hi Boudicca, Get all the mileage you want out of it. I thought it was pretty funny too.

Hi Beth, You can see this happening to yourself, can't you? With all those critters you have, you never know.


OMG BeeBee! Hilarious!! :)


BeeBee - Yeah, that did sound dirty :-)

Anyway, Jake - the horse dog - weighs in at 120 pounds or so. We were told that he was part Husky & part Springer, but he looks pretty much like a Bernese Mountain Dog to me. See for yourself:



Bee, I'm laughing so hard...read this to my daughters and couldn't even finish a sentence without breaking down in hysterics. This is SO totally something that would happen to me!

you're hysterical!


I would have merely assumed you were making the statement "Bush=Dogturd!" and left it at that.


OH BEEBEE, I AM ROTFL!!!!!! i must remember to link this.
at least you weren't in Target. :)


Hi Pam, I'm going to check and see how Ivan's doing this morning. How does it look in situation to you?

Tracy, Did your daughter's laugh? Hope so.

Velociman, Actually it would be Kerry=Dogturd around this house. Thank you for stopping by.

Sarah, Been enjoying your blog lately. Wow.


Shhhh...! I'm calling him "He Who Must Not Be Named". If we don't look, he can't come get us... ;)


Ok Pam, Mum's the word. I won't say anything about Ivan, oops, sorry.


Actually, my daughters laughed, but mainly at me since I was laughing so hard, they could hardly understand what I was saying!! oxox

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