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oh you poor woman! i don't care how good the pickles are or how freshly weeded your garden is, you should feel NO guilt over avoiding this man for his lack of decorum.

you probably get a special place in heaven for having him as a neighbor, even if he brings you fresh canned goodiesgoods.


Sarah, I've been thinking about deleting these blogs about Speedo Man. I feel so guilty on several different levels. But for right now I'll leave them up.

I can't tell if it's because I'm still not up to par and my thinking is muddled or what but I don't feel right about what I've written.


Don't you dare delete the Speedoman entries!
He can be the newest Superhero - look, up in the sky, so you don't see his prives!

It's Speedoman!!


LOL, Ok Beth, from now on I'll refer to him as SpeedoMan.


Oh, I wish I could draw cartoons - I have the very image of SpeedoMan in my head, with a flappy cape blowing behind him.
His shtick would be saving women from pulling weeds.


Beth, Actually he has on occasion had a beach towel over his shoulders.In my mind I have seen it as a cape.

The man sweats like you wouldn't believe.
Even the front of his Speedo’s got wet from the sweat (I hope anyways). Just wanted you to have that image too. I like to share the pain. LOL


i'll likely never recover from this last comment's visual, BeeBee. do you sit around after describing him to us and shout "Muhahahahahahahaha!" at the top of your lungs over the pain you share with us? :)

no no, don't ever delete SpeedoMan.


The only time the situation with SpeedoMan gets worse is when his wife comes out. Yes, SpeedoMan is married!

When his wife comes out I am stunned, actually feel like someone has shot me. I don't think I can even write about it. I thank God everytime I don't see her. You have no idea how bad it can really be.

I won't even go there, it's way to much to handle.

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