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BeeBee, tears are running down my face I'm laughing so hard...!!! Great post! :D


Pam, I was a little more blunt than I usually am but this guy, he tortures me. Probably one of the most ongoing tortures ever!

When I have friends over and they catch sight of this guy, they stop in their tracks and stare. The sight is unbelievable. Most of them can't get over it, talk about it all night. Then call me the next day and talk about it some more.

I just want to shoot him on his hairy ass!


I once had a similar neighbor, except it was a female--I think. She must have been at least 65, with enormous breasts and a huge ass. She didn't speak English, and she worked in her yard (and sweated in the Florida heat) continuously. She had no grass, just hundreds of large plants. We used to say she had people buried underneath them. She wore a brownish rag tied around her nipples, and a loin-type cloth on her lower part. She was repulsive! The weird thing was you couldn't take your eyes off of her. She was like a train wreck, you just had to look every time you went by.

~ Z ~

way good post, BeeBee! this guy's twin lives across the street from me. he doesn't wear a Speedo but he does think he's God's Gift to Women. he toils shirtless with his belly hanging out over low-rider pants and i know the crack in his ass better than i know my own. plus, he's a Peeping Tom (i've caught him) who walks his itty-bitty pooch at night, letting the dog poop on my lawn more than once. i always pick up the poop and throw it back into his front yard. what's with these guys/gals?


Lloyd, Z, What can I say? I'm glad I'm not the only one tortured like this. Misery loves company.


Ok your speedo guy must be a triplet. My use to be next door neighbor would wear those shorts that joggers would wear back in the 70's (you know, those nylon things) every waking hour of the summer. He was fat and ugly and drunk. Our family room door wall faced their back patio, we kept our curtains open all the time until that one time. They never went out on their patio, I mean never until he discovered we left out curtains open until we went to bed. He then started standing out on the patio all the time in his little shorts, no shirt, drinking with everything (I mean everything) hanging out. And wave at me. It got so bad that we just started leaving the curtains closed. Thank-god we moved. I think I'm scared for life though.


Machelle, Glad to see you back. It's amazing how we all can identify with SpeedoMan clones. He's in my brain now, I'll never be able to wipe him out. Only thing to do was develop a little humor about the situation.

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