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OMG, Speedo Man...your entries make me feel like I'm there. Not a good thing in this case.

When I was in high school, sometimes we had to do our running workouts in the pool. (Don't ask.) And there was a guy we called Speedo Man in there sometimes as well. Lime green Speedo, silver mesh or something running up the sides. He was older, but was slim.

Your Speedo Man sounds like a nightmare. I much prefer mine.


Candace, Running workouts? Ok, come on, I want to know what those are. Blog it, it sounds fun.


You even had my husband laughing at Speedo Man, and he doesn't laugh at much on the net... ;)


Pam, I bet your husband gets just as grossed out as all us gals.

There's something about Speedo's that's just plain wrong. When you see all their bits and pieces it's just more than the average person wants to see.

I'm glad he enjoyed it.

tracy roos

hi beebee! I have to say that I'm not a blog reader and am only recently a blog writer~ I decided to check on my blog visitors and found that someone followed a link from YOUR blog to mine...obviously from your "Recently Updated Weblogs". I have thoroughly enjoyed everything I've read...(I went as far back as your last post before your hospital visit). I laughed my head off at SpeedoMan. Haven't had such a hard laugh in ages. Thanks for sharing!! oxox, tracy


Hi Tracy, Glad you came by for a visit. Come on over and read anytime, glad to have you.


Oh My Lord! Speedo man is a riot. I cannot quit laughing! I think you may actually need a separate archive file for him, something like The Adventures of Speedo man.

What an awesome blog. I'm sorry I didn't come over earlier when Beth recommended you! I'm one of Harvey's blog children. He said you are a MUST read. He was right!

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