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100 Things About Me

1. Fifty- two years old

2. Married over thirty years

3. Married to the same man

4. Never had an affair, anybody can do that.

5. Have two children, boy 26, girl 29

6. Have a son-in law, daughter-in-law. I like them both.

7. Have a grandson, referred to as Adored One.

8. I like a lot of color.

9. I love cobalt blue.

10.I love yellow.

15.The only matching furniture is the kitchen table and six chairs.

16.I like not having anything match.

17.I hate to merge in traffic.

18.I only like to write with fine point pens.

19.Some people are genuinely nice; I have to work at it.

20.Addicted to iced tea.

21.My car has over 100,000 miles on it and I want to get 200,000 out of it.

22.Clowns depress me.

23.I hate crowds.

24.I need lots of alone time.

25.I like big noses.

26.I have painted my toenails red since I was 13. Makes me feel very cha, cha.

27.If you don't have a wrinkle I find you a little boring. I'm sorry.

28.I like TexMex food.

29.I'm a conservative.

30.I read lots of science fiction.

31.Cracked my fingers once, but have never broken a bone.

32.I like stained glass.

33.Enjoy conversation but not rants.

34.I cook good, plain food.

35.I stay away from people who make their own problems.

36.I'm there for people who have problems through no fault of their own.

37.Sometimes I don't know what to do. So I do nothing and it usually resolves itself.

38.My second toe is longer than my big toe.

39.I wake up between 4 and 5AM every morning. Never needed an alarm clock. No matter how late I stay up, I still wake up between 4 and 5AM. I like it.

40.Always drink 3 cups of black coffee in the morning.

41.I believe how you live is the story of your life.

42.I love Van Gogh.

43.My favorite live artist is Tarkay.

44.I live in Houston, TX.

45.I have quilts on the beds. No matching comforter set for me.

46.My fitted sheets and pillowcases are always white.

47.My top flat sheet is always a different color. The one on right now is red.

48.I believe you are what you eat.

49.I don't mind reading offensive blogs but only if a point is being made.

50.Can't stand drama queens or attention whores.

51.I enjoy looking my age and will continue looking my age. Thank you very much.

52.I don't care to wear make-up often. But sometimes I do. I clean up OK.

53.I don't pick at people or make remarks about them on anything they can't help. Sometimes this takes a lot of restraint.

54.I want people to call before coming over. I don't like drop-by company.

55.Short-term memory loss.

56.Short-term memory loss.

57.I swear like a sailor when I'm mad. Otherwise I just swear.

To Be Continued